Caroline is a qualified and experienced psychoanalytic consultant. She takes a distinctive approach to her consulting work with groups and organisations, paying special attention to what lies beneath the surface of everyday experience at work. The emotional dynamics of work impact on teams in ways that often go unnoticed. Caroline is an expert in working sensitively to create new understanding for teams, helping to improve work relationships and to bolster productivity. She is also able to advise on change management and business development.

Caroline trained at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust between 2012-2014, gaining her MA Consultancy and the Organisation: Psychoanalytic Approaches. She has provided consultancy services to diverse clients including a major news magazine, a charity focused on homelessness and addiction, a theatre group, a university, a psychoanalytic governing body, and a local grassroots regeneration organisation.



Caro’s contribution to our process in creating The Talented Mr Ripley for stage was transformative. The level of detail, knowledge and observation provided was a rich source most theatre makers can only dream of. The process in the room was safe and inclusive but Caro was also able to sensitively provoke the artists to explore exciting character dynamics and the dynamics in the room between the actors themselves. This rich groundwork fed itself into the eventual crafting of the material, without overloading the process. Caro’s approach was researched, considered and sensitive to the needs of the project and it was an incredibly exciting collaboration for The Faction. The psychological impact was as sophisticated as it was subtle and it would be delightful to integrate Caro into more of our processes.

Rachel Valentine Smith

Artistic Director, The Faction Ensemble Theatre, 2018

1Professor Caroline Bainbridge acted as a group consultant on an ESRC Festival of Social Sciences public engagement event that was hosted by Bournemouth University and held on Zoom. The event gathered together a group of (self-selected women) participants to explore their thoughts and feelings about female political leaders at a time of crisis. Caroline’s contribution was very skilled – especially as we had to host it on line because of the Pandemic. Caroline’s approach is accessible and friendly-  but also highly focused and professional and she is able to ‘hold’ the group and put people at their ease. In this project, Caroline’s role was to observe the dynamics of the group and analyse the content of what was said, and also how and why it was said.  Caroline provided invaluable insights into the psychodynamic processes of the group and the feelings stirred up for the participants about female political leaders; she also contributed a number of analytical insights about the psychosocial work of the group that were very helpful when unpacking the findings as part of a larger academic research project.
Many thanks Caroline!

Candida YatesProfessor of Culture & Communication, Bournemouth University, 2021