Caroline is a registered and experienced Analytic Network Coach, and a registered member of the Eco-Leadership Institute. She brings a careful eye and a sensitive ear to her coaching practice, focusing on your experience to help you to shape strategies, and to thrive while developing skills for the future.

Caroline has a special interest in working with young people, leaders, and aspiring writers, helping them to make strategic choices about issues linked to professional and educational development. She offers coaching packages and bespoke programmes according to your interest and need.

The Analytic Network Coaching System

The Analytic Network coaching system is not prescriptive. Instead, it offers a systematic process using five frames to guide clients on a profound journey. Caroline’s focus is on your personal experience, which is central to her coaching style.



We start in the ‘Depth’ frame, where coaching focuses on the inner self. This frame sharpens your personal insight and leads to a sense of authenticity, helping you to clarify your values, and providing a renewed sense of purpose and desire.



Next, we turn to the ‘Relational’ frame, helping you to think through your relationships with other people. There are often underlying patterns to human interactions, and this frame helps you to address challenges, and to deal with the emotional experience attached to relationships. This frame develops teamwork and leadership skills, but it also helps you to focus on living well in a complex age.



The next frame focuses on ‘Leadership’. The focus here is on helping you to understand your ‘inner leader’. This provides a useful way to explore the potential we all have as leaders, as well as asking how experiences of leadership or of being led shape your everyday sense of self and achievement.



The next step on the journey pays attention to our ‘Networks’. 21st century life means that we all live in a highly networked way. This frame helps you to locate yourself within your networks, and to understand how networks collide and bump up against one another, with potentially positive results. Through this frame, I help you to explore the possibilities for change embedded in your networked experience, encouraging you to harness the power of the network for personal growth.



Finally, we work through the ‘Strategy’ frame, to help you with your personal and professional development planning. Placing a special emphasis on emergent potential, and innovation, this frame helps you to focus on your strategic agility, and to make plans that make the best of your skills and interests.

When I started working with Caroline as my coach, I was at a difficult crossroad in my career path, and my self-esteem was quite low. I had just finished 7 years working on my thesis and was finding it difficult to secure a job. Caro’s coaching service offered me tools to look inside myself and to work out what I was striving for. She provided emotional support, guiding me to find new perspectives and a fresh outlook. I began to re-assess my core values and to take up a new stance on my career goals. With Caro’s guidance, I found myself taking the steps I needed, becoming emotionally stronger when dealing with difficult situations.

Post-doctoral coaching client


A-N consultancy is a practice that, by definition, yields results that are unique to the client. It offers you the best questions possible for addressing what it means to be a creator, entrepreneur, or any form of agent. Caroline is as friendly as humans come, but her questions and exercises will confront you with yourself in a serious and rigorous manner. It likely goes without saying that I recommend A-N consultancy. So, to be more precise – my way of describing anything “in good faith” – I do not recommend this to anyone who is perfectly happy with their career. Similarly, to anybody looking for namby-pamby non-advice about believing in your dreams: don’t bother.

A-N consultancy will change you.

Mr M, coaching client


I just wanted to say thank you for the session yesterday. Absolutely not what I expected but massively useful to me.

I will look into how I move myself forward, and get the “me” back….I just needed the opportunity and guidance to realise this actually needed to be done!

Thanks again, your help really is appreciated.

Senior Project Manager, Financial Sector


I was really anxious about starting to have coaching, but the way you work feels like a very gentle, slowly approaching warm hug – in the best possible sense!

Thank you for the immediate difference you have made.

IT team leader, major bank


In 2020, I was a couple of months into my first postdoc to transform my thesis into a book when Covid happened. I had a contract for my book manuscript but lockdowns, homeschooling, and endless postponements and delays meant that it was not finished by the original deadline. After months of juggling everything and feeling like I was getting nowhere, I contacted Caro for advice on what could I do to get this book over the line. From our first meeting, Caro was empathetic, kind and full of helpful advice and suggestions from simple things like ticking off lists to reading entire chapters. I knew I could rely on Caro to guide me through the frantic last weeks of revisions, edits and rewriting. We set a schedule of regular check-ins to review progress and talk about the next steps and Caro’s encouraging words helped boost my morale through the last stage of the process. I can safely say that, without Caro as a guiding light, I would not have gotten this far.

Book coaching client


I am so thankful for all the guidance and support you have given me and really, no idea where I would be without it.

1:1 Coaching client


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