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Hello, I’m Caro Bainbridge, Professor of Culture & Psychoanalysis at Roehampton University in London. I also provide organisational and personal coaching, paying special attention to what goes on under the surface of everyday experiences.

I also plan and deliver events, and I give talks about my work internationally. I’m a widely published writer, and a mentor to young people. In my coaching and consultancy, I have a special interest in working with media professionals, scholars and students to develop their professional identity and career-craft skills.






In everything I do, my fascination is with emotional and psychological experience, because it really impacts on who we feel ourselves to be. How we feel about ourselves and the wider world affects how we build relationships with other people, whether at work or in our personal lives. In my writing, I think about how the stuff of emotion gets dealt with in popular culture. My talks and writing cover everything from binge-watching to the way that film can help us to get to grips with our lives. In my coaching and consultancy work, I put this expertise to work by focusing on what takes place between people and in groups, and how work life is often closely aligned to our broader experience of the world. I trained at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust and at the A-N Coaching Network – to find out more about me, drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you!



When I started working with Caroline as my coach, I was at a difficult crossroad in my career path, and my self-esteem was quite low. I had just finished 7 years working on my thesis and was finding it difficult to secure a job. Caro’s coaching service offered me tools to look inside myself and to work out what I was striving for. She provided emotional support, guiding me to find new perspectives and a fresh outlook. I began to re-assess my core values and to take up a new stance on my career goals. With Caro’s guidance, I found myself taking the steps I needed, becoming emotionally stronger when dealing with difficult situations.

Post-doctoral coaching client



Caro’s contribution to our process in creating The Talented Mr Ripley for stage was transformative. The level of detail, knowledge and observation provided was a rich source most theatre makers can only dream of. The process in the room was safe and inclusive but Caro was also able to sensitively provoke the artists to explore exciting character dynamics and the dynamics in the room between the actors themselves. This rich groundwork fed itself into the eventual crafting of the material, without overloading the process. Caro’s approach was researched, considered and sensitive to the needs of the project and it was an incredibly exciting collaboration for The Faction. The psychological impact was as sophisticated as it was subtle and it would be delightful to integrate Caro into more of our processes.

Rachel Valentine Smith

Artistic Director, The Faction Ensemble Theatre, 2018


A-N consultancy is a practice that, by definition, yields results that are unique to the client. It offers you the best questions possible for addressing what it means to be a creator, entrepreneur, or any form of agent. Caroline is as friendly as humans come, but her questions and exercises will confront you with yourself in a serious and rigorous manner. It likely goes without saying that I recommend A-N consultancy. So, to be more precise – my way of describing anything “in good faith” – I do not recommend this to anyone who is perfectly happy with their career. Similarly, to anybody looking for namby-pamby non-advice about believing in your dreams: don’t bother.

A-N consultancy will change you.

Mr M, coaching client



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